Want to use email as revenue channel for your online store?



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This course is ideal for conscious women entrepreneurs who sell
fashion, beauty, or wellness products on their website.

🤷‍♀️ Are you starting to send emails and feel overwhelmed with all the things to figure out?
🤦‍♀️ Do you have a small or large list but no one is opening your emails & no one is buying from you?
🙇‍♀️ Are you struggling with finding the time to brainstorm what to say and send emails consistently?

📚 What you'll learn in 4 weeks

Join this course and get step-by-step instructions on sending emails that will generate more sales for your online store.

Know what to say to your customers

Use my Serve & Sell method to create compelling content and design emails that your audience will want to read.

Grow your list & keep it healthy

Start collecting subscribers on your site and get my best tips to increase your open, click and conversion rates.

Send emails strategically

Launch new products and run profitable promotions by learning how to segment and use your customer data.

Plan 4 weeks of email content

I will show you the monthly content & sales planning systems I used to run a 7-figure online store.

👋 Hi, I'm Kris!

There are all sorts of smart cookies in the digital world who could help you with your email marketing.

So why learn from me?

I help emerging beauty and wellness brands to grow their e-commerce sales and profits with email marketing. Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped brands sell over $20M through their e-commerce websites.

Most recently, I was a brand manager leading a multi-million dollar luxury cosmetic brand at L’Oreal. I also defined and steered the marketing strategy for US & Canadian retail operations. Emails were driving over 25% of total website revenue. So I understand the business of beauty and what it takes to grow a profitable online store on multiple channels.

If you want to learn everything I know about email marketing and avoid the mistakes I made, and you’re serious about building a successful e-commerce brand, then this is the course for you!

ecommerce marketing specialist
customer value optimization specialist

💬 What students are saying...


It's a great course and very informative. Kris is fantastic! She explains everything in an easy to understand format, breaking it down into smaller videos to help with the set up of programs covered in the lessons. She was also there to answer any questions during our Q&A coaching calls. I learned so much more than I expected. This program was so much better than any online course I’ve done before, where teachers spend most of it trying to plug add ons or their next course that we must buy to actually get the information we came for. We were able to grow our email list from 8 to over 100 new contacts in a few weeks with the tactics Kris taught us in the course. Kris provided everything she promised and would highly recommend her email course - especially for e-commerce beginners!

- Ella O'Doherty, Founder of ellabonita.co.uk


Before the course, I had some knowledge on how to email my customers since I've been running my webshop for 8 years, and I've attended several courses in digital marketing. But this course gave me lots of more ideas and insights on how to use emails for growing my online store. I’ve learned how to setup Welcome flows and launch emails. Even had some new aha-moments about my ideal client even if I've done avatar exercises before. Now I know better how to plan my emails to gain more revenue. A very inspirational course where I gained lots of value from the content and Q&A coaching calls with Kris.

- Thérèse Blom, Founder of butikametist.se


I run a brick & mortar store with an online shop. Before I started the course I knew I needed a list, a funnel, a freebie, and a lot of marketing stuff. But I had no idea what every part meant or how all the parts work together. Kris has all the tiny steps mapped out so clearly, that I can not only understand the "why", but also the "how".  During her course, I managed to set up my whole welcome email flow, which now saves me a lot of time! 

- Marta Thut, Founder & Owner of koerbchenliebe.de


I am a new entrepreneur just launching my business and I knew nothing about email marketing. This course gave me the basics to successfully run email campaigns to acquire and retain customers. And also understand the "how" as well as the "why". I already went from 0 to 60 new email contacts within 4 weeks of starting this course. I am confident that when I launch my website my customers will receive engaging targeted emails thanks to this course.

- Tiffany Dawnn, Founder of rnbeauty.co


Before the course, I did not realize how important and useful email marketing was. I always thought it was a daunting task. But Kris made it so clear and concise that I’m looking forward to building my flows. I’ve realized how essential it is to build up an email list and that I can do it before launching a website. Kris has also provided so many resources that I will be eternally grateful for. She shows how to best automate my emails with a welcome sequence and having a workflow for creating my daily content calendar. All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to anyone starting their online store!

- Dazale Choy, Founder of etcstyle.co.uk


Before taking the course, I was clueless about email marketing and just winging it. I learned how important it is to have email automation flows when you grow your list of subscribers. I got clarity on my customer avatar and what type of emails to send. After implementing the lessons learned from the course, colleagues have noticed how my emails were simpler and cleaner.  Kris provides lots of expert information and pays attention to details. The learning is intense for someone starting out in e-commerce. But the instructions are very clear and guided me through the steps of setting up my welcome automation with Klaviyo and growing my email list. I am so glad to have trusted my gut feeling to take this course.  

- Stina Cannon, Founder of justenature.co.uk


I am in the pre-launch phase of building my website. Before this course, I was not sending emails or using Klaviyo at all and had no idea how to use it. Thanks to this course I understand how email marketing can be very powerful to grow your online store if you know how to use it. I also learned how planning my email content is very important and this course showed me how to design my emails and grow my subscriber list from scratch. You don't have to be a design genius to create beautiful emails! Now I can confidently create anything just like my big brand competitors!  

- Felicia Babb - Founder of odageco.com


Before taking this course I felt overwhelmed with all the things I didn’t know about email marketing. I knew I needed to do it but I didn’t know how to get started.  This course had so much information. I learned so many tips on using Klaviyo, targeting, and segmenting my audience. I was able to set up my Welcome Flow thanks to what I learned in the lessons. Kris Daria was so giving of her time and knowledge, it is very apparent that she is passionate about e-commerce and helping small businesses grow. I feel so much better equipped to plan and succeed with my email marketing!  Thanks Kris!

- Cristi Lee Bouldin, Founder & CEO of ironandpearl.com

This course is now closed for registration,
but you can get on the waitlist
to be the first to know when
we open up again.